There are many custom guitar options available

Upgrading or replacing any or all of your own guitar components, such as: 

pick-ups, tuners, scratch plates, control knobs and tremolo systems.

Various pick-up systems can be fitted to acoustic guitars.

Creating custom paint jobs to your design, idea or specification, or even a direct copy of the guitar paint job of your favourite guitarist (such as Eddie Van Halen, or Eric Clapton)......

You could have a guitar built to your specification or from your ideas.  

You can select from a variety of styles: Telecaster style, Les Paul style, Ibanez JEM style, Gibson 335 style and many, many others. 

You can choose from a wide variety of pick-ups and other hardware and finally choose your finish colours, styles and decorations.... creating a truly unique, one-off guitar.


to discuss ideas, organise a quote, 

explain all of your requirements, 

or just chat about the possibilities!!