Guitar setup and repair service. 

Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Offering all types of guitar repairs and basic, medium or advanced 


Get your guitar sounding how you want it to sound, play how you want it to play and look how you want it to look!




Guitars are fitted with your choice of:- Ernie Ball Electric guitar strings from £6.00 per set or Bass guitar strings from £20.00 per set; Martin Acoustic strings from £5.00 per set; or Elixir strings from £11.00 per set. 

Alternatively, you can choose your brand/type of guitar string.


Standard Setup     From £35.00
Includes Neck Relief, Nut slot height adjustment, Bridge, saddle height and relief adjustment, intonation, pickup height adjustment, tuners adjustment, fret polish, fretboard conditioning and guitar clean. Additional charges may apply for non-standard work such as floating bridge and Floyd Rose type setups.

Advanced Setup      From £70.00
Includes all above, plus fret seating and leveling; full fret dress; advanced clean of all parts inside and out; electronics clean-up/tidy and electrical shielding; internal check of acoustic guitars; and a good buff and polish to bring the shine out again and protect your guitar. Additional charges may apply for non-standard work such as floating bridge and Floyd Rose type set ups.

Full and partial re-frets. From £35 for partial and £120 for full. 

Hand carved bone nuts from £30, including fitting.

 In order to obtain the optimum settings for your guitar (on variables such as: string height, bridge height, radius, neck relief, fret condition etc.) and to achieve optimum play-ability of your guitar.... the areas that may need working on are:

- Bone nut carving and fitting with correct width and height slots for your guitar  

 (All nuts include nut juice or graphite, to stop strings from catching in slots. This also aids bending and tremolo pull).  

- Tuner adjustment to achieve optimum function.  

- Truss rod adjustment to correct relief. 

- Bridge Saddle height, intonation and radius adjustment. Floyd Rose style tremolos include balancing. 

- Pickup height, pole height and radius adjustment where necessary. 

- Fret dressing includes identification of loose, raised, worn or uneven frets. Fret levelling, removal of sharp edges, crowning and polishing for silky smooth bends.

- Partial or full re-fret where necessary (various fret widths and heights available). There can even be a width graduation as you move up the neck. 

- Fret board conditioning for porous woods. Lacquered finishes on fret boards can be re-buffed to get a like-new gloss shine if required (not recommended for vintage instruments).

- Electronics clean up includes re-soldering, pot cleaning, cable tidy and component and pickup change where necessary, but excludes price of new components. 

 ☑️  In order to do any type of set up, it is recommended that all guitars receive a new set of high quality strings.

You will be offered a range of high quality replacement parts from potentiometers, capacitors, switches and pickups through to hardware and pickups from most quality brands. 

All types of major repair work can be undertaken, from fixing a broken neck to restoring your vintage guitar...     Contact for a quote.


Please call or email (see CONTACT page) for a chat to discuss any work that you may require.    

Your guitar can be assessed during a no-obligation check for a desk fee of  £5.00, before any quote or work is undertaken.